Land Sailers

Top-Grade Land Sailers for You

Discover the Performance of Sirocco Land Sailers

Push your adrenaline to the limit as you zip across the terrain in your very own land sailer from Sirocco. Customize your machine to be able to handle any surface, from a frozen lake to the beach to the parking lot of your neighborhood high school. Contact Outdoor Recreation Center today!
You will be amazed by the high performance from such a small machine! Easy to transport, the Sirocco land sailer fits inside the trunks of most cars and sets up in no time, without the need for any tools!
Land Sailers

Get the Best Land Sailer Model from Outdoor Recreation Center

Select your land sailer model from Outdoor Recreation Center. These are available in the Sirocco X, Sirocco Sprint, or Sirocco Twin. 
Spirit: 5'4" long; 44 sq. ft sail area; 73lbs weight. 
Sirocco X, Full Suspension: 7'6" long; 54 sq. ft sail area; 15'6" mast height; 105lbs weight.
Not looking for a land sailer? No problem. Check out our RV Service and Storage pages. You can then take a look at our cabins and shrink-wrap. Call us or stop by for more information on our services.
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